Top 3 Gigs of 2021

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It started off late with lockdown (end of May) but we’ve had some fantastic shows this year. Nothing much out the area yet but mostly smashing venues & gigs. Here’s my personal Top Three

  1. Cluny2 – Early Sept – This was a full band free show for the people who had crowd funded the venue during hard times. So we played to mostly people we didn’t know. Gem’s band & Chet & Kathy Trio were on too, so it was a real good vibe & Id just cycled 30 miles that day, so was well up for it. The next week at a cycling event at The Angel, a lady pulled me up & said that her & her hubby loved our show & when would we be playing again…so that had me buzzing for another week
  2. Cake & Ale Bookshop Carlisle – Oct (With Ben Singh). – Cath & I had played in the corner of the bookshop cafe for a long time & rarely got much applause, although people did stay & listen. So when we did this evening show with Ben & had thunderous applause after our first song, I just couldn’t believe it. People were alive & well in Carlisle.
  3. Cluny2- End of May with Nev Clay & Jon Lee. – This was our first gig of the year after lockdown, & I played the set with Jon on Bass (& then he went home to feed the cat ).Me, Nev & Jon Lee did the second set in the round & it was our ramshacked version of “Butcher Boy” that made my night

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