We have lots of albums available on bandcamp

Our last few albums are –

Shipcote With Strings – Is a new EP recorded with The Aurora Strings & special guest Bridie Jackson.

” I know we are supposed to like ‘edgy’ introspective and ‘clever’ songs these days; but sometimes we really do need to hear something ‘charming’, ‘lovely’ and ‘beautifully melancholic’ that fits in perfectly as an antidote to our aching bones, flabby tummies and minds that are becoming ever more forgetful; and that’s exactly what Shipcote & Friends WITH STRINGS is.” Rocking Magpie (March 24)

Local Favourites is an album , recorded in 2022 as a trio with Cath (Fiddle/Accordion) & Malcolm (Pedal Steel)

“A mixture of Shippy’s own songs about life on Tyneside & covers by fellow Tyneside artists…its lovely” Lee Fisher- Narc Magazine

Local Stars” was written during 2020 & while strict pandemic allowance were observed, a ‘duo live in a studio’ album with just Shippy & Bryan was made, with the odd local guest.

There’s a robust simplicity to these songs and the album as a whole. As I say the circumstances that surrounded the writing and subsequent recording were (hopefully) a once in a lifetime thing; and Shipcote has managed to use them to his advantage on one of his finest and fearsomely honest albums.” Alan Harrison – Rocking Magpie.

Pop Pickers” (2021) – This was produced by Graham’s old chum Martin Stephenson & recorded with their new fangled home recording devices in The Highlands & Gateshead upon Tyne. It feature’s Martin’s awesome guitar playing and some Shippy, Calypso, Pop & Reggae originals.

Shipcote’s albums are available to buy online from BandCamp
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